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August 01, 2012


Love Division 2012

  • 1. Love Division
  • 2. Mistaken Love
  • 3. Drops Of Fire
  • 4. Holy or Ghost
  • 5. Desperate
  • 6. Angel Face
  • 7. No Dreams at Home
  • 8. Force of Nature
  • 9. Through Separated Waters
  • 10. The Omen
  • 11. Die With Me
  • 12. The Key

All music by The Fallacy
Recorded at Attic Records Studios
Mixed and Mastered by The Fallacy
Art Design by The Fallacy
Love Division
Restless Passion
I can’t stand how much i’ve cried you
Stuck me in this life
I runaway.
You always talked with no end
I mesmerized you in my deception
Freezing the religion
Of our love.
The Ghost between us
I touch your soul
And i feel the love division
Cast the curse
Resisting plenty of faith.

Crystal tears
To confuse me more
Cannot believe in your words
Leaving me having no excuse
Sadness coming
Killing me the nights alone.

Bleeding lovers
I sit alone in the shores of destiny
Listening the storm of division
Whispering death
Stupid mindless
I found myself living for your madness
Time to run
Ts better than running insane.

Crystal tears
To confuse me more
Cannot believe in your words
Leaving me having no excuse Sadness coming
Killing me the nights alone.

Howl howl howl howl
Like the wolf in the night
Howl howl howl howl
When the moon shade arrives
Howl howl howl howl
Lonesome spirit
All my faith is lost in this love division
Mistaken Love
Wasted my feelings
Giving you my precious soul
Don’t speak untruth
You’ll see me now that the game
Is on
We reached the line
To say goodbye
There is no turning back

I’ll take your life, I’m feeling alive

Tonight you’ll be a part of my past
Just take your life away from me
I wont forgive your lies anymore
There’s no chance i could love you again
I wonder when is going to stop
We were lost in a mistaken love

Take your feelings
And let the wind blow them away
Keep your eyes shut
You’ll feel me now that the game

Always confusing the thoughts in our life
Made us to love and to hate

Now the game is on
We reached the line
to say goodbye
there is no turning back

I’ll take your life I’m feeling alive
Drops of Fire

Covenant to mortify
My spirit lies and crucifies
A storm of tears
Dancing in the glass
Tell me what I've done
I put the gun between your eyes
My soul was burnt in black
Dirty spirit calm

My soul will haunt your mind
Compassionless you took my life

(Save my heart - I'm still falling
Release your soul in drops of fire)
Suddenly your splendor licks me
Fits full me and blinds my reason
Far away trespassing feelings
I don't know what's going on
Suddenly the rays are burning
Tell me god this crime is what I've done

The silence in the night
Fills the echo of my mind
The crime I should confess
Smoke in the eye
Voices from the inside
Are tormenting me till die
The day for paying is now
Guilty hand in charge

Holy or Ghost

I'm not afraid
Of visitors in night time
I don't believe I'm charmed
I feel no fear form this presence in the room
The see is in the dream

If they live
Between you and me
Is time to go

I'm so cold
I'm freezing your expression
Falling very slow
Stop the clock
The silence of the witness
Her eyes are blind

Always dare
But never believe
In holy or ghost
Burn with me
Inside of this dream
Don't try to sleep

Run in my dimension
Became the premonition
3 days to die
A farewell extinction
We're lost in this gallery
With no way out

Labyrinth connections
A dreadful valley
3 nights to die
Endless combinations
The color of deception
Is time to die

Kingdom of hope
Raising soul from the unwanted
Kingdom of life
You belong to the undead
Ashes to ashes
Born again in freedom
Stand up and raise
All the lights and the candles
Follow the line to a heaven forbidden
Shame disgust the night time in your
Feeling just listen what I say

Deceiving the spell of the origin
Riding the seas
With the star of illusion
Don't hesitate
And cross the gate for dreamers
Dream on the hope
Your were searching for years
Lasting the vision
For secret devotions
Be divine just kiss
The dust of destiny

A new beginning with the grail in your hands
The sword of faith will shine forever
Always remember is a story with no end
The fallen angels raise together
Again and again

Dream on the hope
You were searching for years
Lasting the visions
For secret devotions
Be divine just kiss
The dust of destiny

Angel Face

Angel face to show me
In a perfect world to gain
Honey lips for pleasure to
Affect my senseness

All this life you're waiting for
Change the things to be beloved
And you think that you're the best
But we know the truth you lie

Angel face for suffer
Drying roses with your skin
Radiance magic caresses
Dirty trick under your sleeve
Use to bite me in the hand
Just when I return to trust
Flirting me between my silks
Bouncing me to be apart

Can't resist this heavy weight
You pulverize my skin
Can't believe to trust you again
Pressuring my needs

Is this last forever?

Loosing my morality
Bring me home again
Sharing you this ecstasy
I will fall again
This will be love forever

No Dreams at Home
Out in the lost my solitude
Looking for the love unknown
Searching for a romance to go
Feeling the cold from the snow outside
Trembling rays of storm above
Thunder clouds my shadow tonight

This Friday night no dreams at home
Night prowler under moonlights
Another kiss refuge my hope
Another empty romance

Feeding my soul with new empty words
All I need is kill this cold
Take me to the place I Belong
Running our with no way back
All I take this night are lies
Listen to the birds in the dawn

No blood for pleasant moments
I see your face in shadow forms
Pretending I forget you
Just bring me home
Can't stand this anymore

Force of Nature
The steel of ice in my hands
Reveals me pretty promises
Into the souls a brilliant core
See through the door of future
The key to solve the mystery
The secret code speaks the rules

Protect the soul of innocence
Your belief is our reason
I found the holy verse of doom
The fierceness reach the fantasy
The chant will sound forever
I use the sword to write the stone

Arise your arms around me
Just reed the hidden legion
Don't loose the faith in freedom
Keep the strength with you
Give passion and desire
Defending your ideals
Don't waste the time in sadness
Free yourself from this

Don't you become a monster
When you defeat another
Don't cross the line don't sell your soul
You want to be somebody
No need to be another
Just be yourself to find the road

Trough Separate Waters
A clear frontier
Between what's evil or divine
In the center you are
I tried to escape
You pushed me down
Some sorts of this life
No need a voice for explanations
Are far, strange
And make no sense to any mind

A clever assassination
To the heart
No resurrection
Betraying me your lips
Betraying me your tongue
Tenebrous vision emerging
From a strange reality
The fingers down your spine
Shivering remorse

In the eye of the holy ghost
I wrapped up your arms for the saint adored
It was good when you kissed my soul
Give me light and shelter for the storm

The Omen
I was born th walk alone
Conjured me wings of solitude
No one knows my real life
I am here but I'm not this man
In the road I have no love
I have no friends I walk myself
No partners whom yo trust
There's no one to say goodbye

Anything I've done before
Was to make my life for good
But the one beside my door
Shall not seed I'm not real
I'm made of stone

A last kiss, a coffin
A burial for my songs
A last day contrives me
A farewell to go
Silent words bite my lips
Can't reveal the real thing
Walk alone tones of stings
Damaging my skin

Conjured me wings to fly all over
Distant lands
Betraying me to steal my best reality
Hurting me my gaze
And my liberty
I was born alone
To turn the world
Upside down

Die With Me
Lust in my heart
Lingers between us
Wonder if my senses
Will loose its sanity

The awful fate
Doesn't worth live it
Let me be your reasons
Memories and all the sentiments

This is the end of all hope
But the love
Does not
To end

Would you die with me?

Now is the time just remain still
And if you live without me
Don't hesitate let go my hand
Beyond your nightmares
All my faith lies within you
Cause if you die without me
I'll stay forgiven in an
Endless pain of darkness

Among the dust
Our steps are vanishing
Just believe, I promise
The pain will fade away
Behold our love
Is the shield of destiny
Even desolation
Couldn't tear our love apart

The Key
Broken wings I can't survive
In this ocean of sad feelings
Falling rain over me
Will you heal me please?

I'm laying in the dark
Pretending you wont call me
Wonder by mistake
You're despising me
We fall apart

Divide my file
Black tears for soulless heart
I'm feeling lost without your magic touch

See through the story of us
We always lived in union
To separate our lives
Was the tragedy
Revive the dream

Together we will climb
The mountains for the dreamers
The path will rise from a heaven stair
No precipice

Inside this vault
You'll find the secret reason
If we persist together we don't fall

Cry cry in this lonely night
Confess me forgiveness heaven
An innocent love forever
Becomes our fate and passion
(Broken promises)

Is the reason to believe this fate
Love division and your soul is lost
Is the secret what we're living for

Give my fire to you
Your rest is always with me
Close your eyes take my hand
You belong this promise

(Open wide - open wide - open wide your heart)
Is the virtue of the key of love
Is the holy word like messiah talked
Pretty melodies come in gushing songs
Raising from our souls together we are strong
Is the reason to believe this fate
Love division and your soul is lost
Is the secret what we're living for
Don't forget me
Divided we fall

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