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September 17, 2015


Realize Single 2015

  • 1. Realize
  • 2. Realize (Ambient Version)
  • 3. Realize (Folk Version)
  • 4. Realize (Psyborg Corp Remix)
  • 5. Realize (Капитан Ненавидит Mope Remix)
  • 6. Realize (Vigilante Remix)
  • 7. Realize (Prime Remix by Arkameth)
  • 8. Realize (Winter Remix by Cadavra)


Recorded at Attic Records Studios Music and Lyrics by Marco Cusato, Angeline Bernini Mixed and Mastered by Marco Cusato Art by The Fallacy Photography by Tristan Maniquíes


Follow my trace and don't get lost
It is my perfect message
Don't abnegate your hidden secret
A feeling to dream on
Don't be unwise open your eyes
You're my soulmate and my dreams
This is the paradise we prayed before

If you kiss my soul I will do it again
Surrender me more you will never repent
Touch my tongue I will say it's said
Ever more, everlasting prayers

Believe my truth or make me die
Or maybe good times won't get back
I hope my whispers change your destiny
Existence together, we're strong forever
We can change the world
I am the only one your were waiting for

Sooner or later you will be by my side
My heart resisting
Holding hands and you don't want to realize
Feel the truth by a guiding light
Need to follow the path beyond the secret voice
Stay with me to become a unique soul

Surrender to your soul
Together we can change the world
Forever by your side
You're here I can feel what is love

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  1. I love the new single and the new video! It is one of my favorites now.
    Keep rocking!


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