The Fallacy’s Biography

2015The band is recording for the next album. Including Video Clips for the singles. More live shows & concerts.
September 17th, the new single ‘Realize’ is released, featuring remixes from Psyborg Corp, Vigilante, Капитан Ненавидит Mope, Arkameth and Cadavra.

2014They began the composition process for their new album,
to be released by the end of 2015.

2013signed with Russian label Dark Media Group followed by an EP ‘Drops of Fire’ released in Russia and the CIS countries.
The world promotion tour for ‘Love Division’ album starts in United States with eleven dates including Florida, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina and Pennsylvania.
The first acoustic album of the band was released: ‘The Sleeping Moon’ (November)

2012released on August of this year, named : ‘Love Division’. The promotion for this album includes a Latin American Tour (Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile). A world tour is being programed for the next year (USA, Russia, China, India).
The band signed with ‘GOH’ in Peru to release an album (‘The Loom’) available only in that country. This album includes the best of ‘Falling Roses’ and ‘Beyond The Mist’ plus two bonus tracks.

2011band continues promoting their last album and booking dates for the tour. They performed in Quito-Ecuador on May of this year covered by radio and tv stations, newspapers and magazines. The band started to record their third album.

2010Toured over Colombia presenting their new album “Beyond The Mist”, in December they visited Argentina . Finally the tour ended in Santiago, Chile.

2009‘Falling Roses’ their first album was released.
In June of that year Niko Arell joined The Fallacy as the bass player.

2008February:Angeline Bernini joined the band, recording the female voices for the EP, integrating her talents as a vocalist-guitarist.

2007Foundation of the band. They began recording songs for their first EP: The Fallacy.