The Fallacy 2015

Niko – Marco – Angeline
The Fallacy 2015

From a dark breathe of mist, a hidden treasure of the gothic scene merges: The Fallacy.

Founded from the ashes of another gothic rock band by Marco Cusato in April of 2007.
An inspirited and very productive band was born, editing their first 4 Ep in 2008.

As soon the songs were ready to be published, Angeline Bernini joined the band to put her charming dusts and magic, as a great singer, composer and guitar player.

By the end of 2009 the missing part was filled by Niko Arell as the bass player.

From then till today, the band have been producing albums (4 Lp and 2 EP), music video clips, touring different countries. Filling an empty space in the classic gothic rock scene.